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We partner with future leaders to build category-defining businesses that stand the test of time. Our focus is on markets where technology, innovation and capital can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth.



K N Hari Kumar

Former Editor-in-Chief, Deccan Herald

Exploring investment opportunities, I came across Qi Ventures. I have been very impressed by the dynamism, expertise, and commitment of their team and have made investments based on their recommendations. I am sure they will do very well and provide great returns for their clients and investors.

Ajay Anjaria

Ex-Managing Director, Raj Petro Specialities Pvt. Ltd, Angel Investor and Mentor

I have been associated with Qi for private market investments and have till now had an excellent experience, the founders are seasoned investors and one gets a lot of insights overall across markets, happy to work with them more.

Dr. Prashanth Reddy

Surgeon of Strategy

I have been with QI Ventures from its inception, they are very dynamic in their approach towards PE all due to the expertise in house. They do a very good due diligence of everything. The best part of QI is the hurdle rates set for their fee.

Scientific Portfolio Approach

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Step 1:

Select your Net Worth

What is your current Net Worth? This is excluding your primary residence. (This will help us calculate a tentative allocation to private Equity)

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1,000 Crore

Suggested allocation

Step 2:

Allocation to Private Equity

What would be target to your Private Equity portfolio that you would ideally like to build over the next 5 years?

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Step 3: Portfolio Diversification

How would you like to spread your risks?

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Overall Returns

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Mission 2025

To become a billion dollar portfolio and have presence across the globe.


Our objective is to create a Private Equity portfolio for our investors with best suited startups to their profile and derive highest possible returns on the overall portfolio.


  • Large Ticket Size

  • High Membership Fee

  • Limited Liquidity

  • Not Accessible to Everyone


  • Flexible Ticket specialize

  • Performance based Fee

  • Multiple Exit Options

  • Significant Penetrations Across Geographies


We help visionary founders in bringing their vision into reality through our expertise and scale their business with capital funding assistance and mentor participation from industry leaders and subject matter experts from our investor community.


  • High Turn Around Time from VCs

  • Uncertainty over Future Rounds

  • Unfair Valuations

  • Limited Business Opportunities


  • Mandate to Money in 30 Days

  • Partner for Future Rounds

  • Founder Friendly Valuations

  • Strong Network Driven Opportunities

Words from leadership

Ayan Chaterjee

CEO and Managing Partner

As the economy emerges from the crisis, India is estimated to have 200,000+ start-ups by 2025 with a total market value north of $500 billion. This gives Private equity investors a huge opportunity to invest in companies with the right potential - Enter an investment at the RIGHT TIME, ascend to its peak, EXIT after bursting into the BILLION DOLLAR VALUATION CLUB

Ameet Doshi

Managing Partner

Vinod Keni

Managing Partner

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does the management team have the skills to execute the idea?
  • Are there plans to fill gaps in the team?
  • Do the founders get along?
  • Does the team understand its market?
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