About Us

We Provide accredited high-quality, curated insights and validated investment opportunities in the startup ecosystem to investors. With our in-depth investing and operational expertise we join hands to support the founders across the country at different levels from seed to series, pre to post revenue as lead or co-investor.

Qi Ventures is a Venture Capital firm led by a team of veteran professionals with in-field expertise and passion targeting a huge market to support the founders with our network of investors aiming at mutual growth.

Start-up ideas go through an exhaustive due diligence process broadly classified across Business model, Financial, Legal and Compliance before featuring in our investor dashboard. Qi’s investment thesis broadly follows the golden rule of deploying funds in revenue generating ideas with strategic exit roadmap.

Qi Notes

Life gives us few opportunities for accelerated growth. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit to recognize it and seize it. We recognize the vast wealth of knowledge and untapped potential within a start-up. We then invest in ambitious start-ups with incumbent management teams.

As the economy emerges from the crisis, India is estimated to have 200,000+ start-ups by 2025 with a total market value north of $1 trillion. This gives Private equity investors a huge opportunity to invest in companies with the right potential - Enter an investment at the RIGHT TIME, ascend to its peak, EXIT after bursting into the BILLION DOLLAR VALUATION CLUB